If you want to change your body, improve life and improve the quality of practice, 30 Day Yoga Challenge is for you! Four times a year, BYM conducts the 30 Day Yoga Challenge program in witch students are engaged in yoga practice daily for 30 days.

Start :  August 1-10, 2017

Cost of participation: 6000 rubles


Mentors of the program:

  • Maria Artamonova (Bengal Tigers)
  • Julia Dolgacheva (English Bulldogs)
  • Zakhar Kharchenko (Eagles)

Mentors of the program will help you to achieve results, inspire you, answer all your questions and track visits.

Program partners:

  • FV Sport - beautiful and functional clothes for sports and leisure
  • English salt - Magnesium enriched bath salts - an indispensable assistant in restoring the water-salt balance

During the program period you will also get additional tasks, aimed at inner spiritual growth, the practice of compassion and unconditional love.

Rules of participation:

  • Daily attendance for 30 days
  • If you missed the class, then it must be worked out the next day
  • For the program is allowed no more than 5 passes, you cannot skip 2 days in a row
  • If you missed 2 or more classes in a row, then you are automatically removed from the program, the subscription burns out
  • All finalists of the program are awarded with memorable T-shirts
  • Among the finalists, we will play an unlimited subscription for 1 month, as well as prizes and gifts from our partners