OM-Chanting is a practice of yoga, a form of active group meditation, during which participants sing the OM mantra, sitting in a special way in a circle. OM-Chanting has a positive impact on the physical and emotional state of practitioners, nature and brings benefits to the whole world. Practices of Om-chanting are held in our studios every week. Meditations are conducted by specialists of the Simply Meditation Center.

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Gong Meditation

Gong meditation is relaxation in shavasana to the sounds of gong. Unusual sound waves of the gong have healing power, energy power and a magical ability to stop the vibrations of the mind. All the answers are contained in his unpredictably vibrating sound. Gong helps to harmonize and align the soul, body and mind together, and also promotes deep relaxation, purification and filling with new energy.

Meditation is conducted by Andrey Sutuginas (Andrejus Sutuginas) - doctor of holistic medicine, sound therapist, Gong master, a member of the International Association of Sound Therapists.

Gong meditation takes place in our studios every few months, watch the schedule!