Курс лекций Евгении Масловой "Индия. Учения и места силы"

Новость: Курс лекций Евгении Масловой Друзья, многие из вас после открытия границ собираются в Индию. Евгения Маслова - культуролог и религиовед, наш проводник во всех путешествиях по Индии и Шри-Ланке, запускает новый онлайн-курс, который поможет разобраться в основных индийских местах силы. С радостью представляем вам курс лекций “Индия. Учения и места силы” Даты проведения: 2-18 июня   Подробнее

Advanced Bikram Yoga class with Changu Changezi. 22th April, 13-30.Bikram Yoga Arbat

Новость: Advanced Bikram Yoga class with Changu Changezi. 22th April, 13-30.Bikram Yoga Arbat We are glad to invite you to Advanced Bikram yoga class. 84 asanas disigned by Bikram Choudhury includind inversions, balances and hip openers.2,5 hour in a heated room.The practice suits to beginers and experienced practitioners, for the difficult asanas you will have the modificatios. The class will be in English.    Подробнее

New Bikram yoga studio at Nizhniy Kislovskiy lane 7 bld1 open!

Новость: New Bikram yoga studio at Nizhniy Kislovskiy lane 7 bld1 open!

Dear friends!

You are wellcome to our brend new, hot and modern studio!

Studio adress: Nizhniy Kislovskiy lane 7 bld1 inside the business centre near Magnolia supermarket

Please check the shedule and come to sweat with us!

Bikram Yoga Arbat Opening and New year party. 17.12.2017

Новость: Bikram Yoga Arbat Opening and New year party. 17.12.2017

Dear Friends, we are glad to invite you to our  new beautiful studio Bikram Yoga Arbat

Date 17.12.2017

- 11.00  и 16-00 - Hot Bikram Yoga classes
- Big New Year sale from FV sport and our partners
- 19-00  - Gong -Meditation  with Andreus Sutuginas
- indian food, lots of smiles and new year happines

Special offer - 16000 rub fo 3 monts unlimited classes

Address: Nizhniy Kislovskiy pereulok, 7 bld1

Please note: all classes are included into your membership, Gong-meditation  1500 rub should be paid separately

Looking forward to see you and your friends in our studio!

Autumn discounts for season tickets!

Новость: Autumn discounts for season tickets!


Dear friends! From 1 to 7 September there will be a unique opportunity to purchase an unlimited subscription for 1 year for 39,900 rubles and a subscription for 6 months for 24,400 rubles.


The subscription will also operate in our new studio. This is the only chance to get it for a low price!


The new studio Bikram Yoga Arbat will open in October. We have united all the best in the new space and will soon tell your all the details.


Make gifts to yourself and loved ones, give health, harmony and love!


The validity of the subscription is until 31.10.2017


Seminar "Acroyoga for beginners" with Anissa Naouai & Vladimir Batalin. 10.09.2017 at 10-00

Новость: Seminar

Date: 10th of September
Place: Moscow, Pravda st 24, bld2
Costs : 1500 rur

No partners or experience needed. Come and try Acroyoga with us!

Seminar "Chakra tuning: tuning and purification of energy centers" with Maria Artamonova, August 26, 2017 at 13-30.

Новость: Seminar


Friends, we invite you to a seminar with Maria Artamonova "Chakra tuning: tuning and cleaning up energy centers" to the live music of Arjuna Project.


“In the yogic tradition, the human body has seven energy centers called chakras. When these energy centers are healthy and open, so are we – physically, emotionally, and in our relationships. But when they are blocked through injury, illness, or disconnection from others, we are blocked from being our best selves. Rooted in ancient teachings, Chakra Yoga is more relevant today than ever. At a time when many people feel disconnected from themselves and others, it can heal your body and free your heart to move into the future with joy.” Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti co-founder.


Come and join us on an inner journey through the chakra system and feel the contact with the body’s energy centers that are said to reflect our view of the outside world and the state of our physical body. The workshop begins with a small presentation and explanation of the chakras anatomy, Bija-mantras and performing simple pranayama exercises. You will then be guided through a deep, cleansing and grounding Hatha Yoga asana practice combined with chanting, visualisation and meditation, which together will support and restore balance in the chakras, by releasing unresolved emotional blockages stored in the tissue of our physical and energetical bodies.


The workshop concludes with an extended Yoga Nidra practice (guided relaxation) to complete the experience of body, mind and spirit. All levels of practitioners are welcome. Most important is to be curious and to have an interest to immerse yourself into the deeper aspects and practices of yoga.


August 26, 13.30


24 Pravdy Street


The cost is 1600 rubles.


Practical seminar "Deflections: from simple to complex" with Ksenia Kolieva. 08/13/2017 at 11-00Practical seminar "Deflections: from simple to complex" with Ksenia Kolieva. 08/13/2017 at 11-00

Новость: Practical seminar

Friends, we invite you to the workshop "Deflections: from the simple to the complex" with Ksenia Kolieva.

August 13 at 11-00 in the studio on 24 Pravdy Street.

The cost of participation is 2000 rubles.

Ksenia Kolieva is a certified teacher of Bikram Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, she conducts classes all over the world - Moscow, Riga, Vienna, Jakarta, San Francisco, Hawaii.

The class is suitable for both flexible people who will build the strength of the deflection, and for the inflexible ones, which due to the strength of the muscles will develop flexibility.

Backward deflections are the opening of the heart chakra, emotional balance and calmness, trust and charge with energy.

Limited number of seats. Preliminary record by phone +7 (499) 110-21-72 or at the reception in the studio.