Welcome to Bikram Yoga Moscow!

Whether you have never practiced yoga before or have simply been away for awhile we hope you find all of the information you need here to begin your journey into the transformative practice of Bikram Yoga.

Attending Your First Class

Simply choose the class time that you want to attend and plan to arrive 15 minutes early. We will ask you to fill out a short waiver and get you set-up to take your first class! Please be sure to let the teacher know about any injuries or special physical circumstances.

What to wear

Wear something you will be comfortable stretching and sweating in. Be sure to bring a change of clothes.

Mats & Towels

We offer yoga mat & towel rental for a nominal fee.


We sell bottles of water at the studio


Do not eat anything heavy for 2-3 hours prior to taking class.

Arrive on Time

Classes start promptly so be sure to arrive on time for class. Students will not be allowed into class after the teacher's introductions are complete.


You have taken the first step towards living your best life through the practice of Bikram Yoga.