Nizhniy Kislovskiy lane, build.7/1
Phone number
8(499) 110 2172 (доб 2)
5 минут пешком от м.Арбатская. Вход в студию находится рядом с магазином "Магнолия". Стеклянная дверь - вход в бизнес центр. От входа сразу направо вверх по лестнице.

The choice of a studio for yoga is often conditioned by the cosiness and atmosphere.

Creating our yoga studios, we really wanted everyone to feel at home and willing to come back to us again and again. We tried to create an atmosphere in which everyone can grow and develop, get rid of stress, illnesses and fatigue, improve their body and mind and feel comfortable at the same time.

Our studios offer you:

  • The newest room heating system, which creates ideal conditions for the practice of Bikram Yoga
  • A large and bright room for yoga practice
  • Possibility to rent mats and towels
  • Spacious locker rooms and showers
  • Recreation area for communicating with friends - yogis
  • A small shop where you can buy water, functional drinks, beautiful bright clothes for practice from Fashion Verdict Sport
  • Vegetarian cafe (opening soon)